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Things You Must Know About Sprayed Foam Insulation Technique
10.08.2014 16:41

Spray foam insulation is one of the best known insulation techniques these days and is well talked about. This kind of insulation methodology can help you save thousands on electricity bills as it prevents any kind of energy los from your house. By getting this done; you can keep your house warm in winters and cooler in summers as no loss of heat or cool air will be there once your house is insulated.


Working Procedure of Spray Foam:


Polyurethane foam is sprayed directly onto the walls into the cavities and gaps in a liquid form and gets transformed quickly into thick and hard foam insulation. There are two categories available: half pound open cell foam and two pound closed cell foam. Half pound has insulates interior walls and is much better than fiberglass insulation. Two pound closed cell foam has a higher density than the open cell foam.

Benefits of insulating wit Spray Foam:

  • Energy Savings

With this insulation technique, you can actually see the savings of up to 40 percent or more if the house is properly insulated with this way.

  • Highest R-Value

Closed cell foam is one of the highest R-value insulation materials available. The higher the R-value, the better resistance it has to the movement of heat.

  • Space Savings

When compared spray foam with other insulation techniques such as fiberglass, spray foam takes much less space than any other insulation. Its exact thickness depends on where it is actually applied. Moreover, once it is installed it averages to three inches deep.

Drawbacks of this Insulation:

  • Disruptive

This kind of foam always need some cover as the UV light degrades the foam.

  • Not all Green

Though we know that well insulated homes are all eco-friendly however, the insulation done itself is not eco-friendly at all. Polyurethane products are chiefly made of petroleum and oil thus; they are not considered 100% green and eco-friendly.

Right Room for Spray Foam:


One must know that all insulations are inflammable and once installed requires an ignition barrier. The closed-cell spray foam can be used anywhere and is especially done in the rim joist cavities in basements and in attics.


Spray Foam can’t be done yourself:


To get this insulation done, you need to call up professional installers from a licensed organization. These spray foams emit gases during installation and the installers need to wear all kinds of safety gears. Homeowners are not well trained for this and thus, one should not even try doing it yourself.


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